For a long time, nurses have been doing the dressings for the patients’ wounds. They have been able to prescribe the simple painkillers to their patients. But now the law has changed, and even the nurses can now prescribe a range of drugs. Nurses are being trained to prescribe so that the patient’s access to treatment is improved. Only the nurses who are trained to prescribe can prescribe certain drugs. These nurses have to take additional training along with their primary qualification for prescribing. They have to take certain exams and tests to prescribe drugs to patients.

Who can prescribe?


1)   Community practitioner nurses can prescribe.

2)   Independent or supplementary nurses can also prescribe.

The community practitioner nurses can prescribe limited drugs while the independent nurses can prescribe all the medicines.

What to expect with a prescribing nurse?

The prescribing nurse should do the following things for you:

1)   The questions asked to you

She should ask you the following questions;

  1. a)   She should ask you your medical history and should ask your current complaint. She should also ask your medical conditions.
  2. b)   She should ask you what treatment you have had in your life. She should ask for the medicines you have taken in your life or the medicines you are taking.
  3. c)   She should ask you whether you are taking any medications for any other medical condition or not. She should ask you what type of medicine it is whether it is allopathic, homeopathic or ayurvedic.
  4. d)   She should ask you if you are allergic to something. She should ask you the things for which you are allergic.

2)   She should be able to do the following things:

  1. a)   The prescribing nurse should be able to give you information about the medication. She should tell you what type of medicine you are prescribed and what the medicine is for. She should tell you how long you have to take the medicine.
  2. b)   The prescribing nurse should be able to tell you about the possible side-effects of the medicine and what to do when any side effect appear. She should tell you whom to contact for better relief or in the case of adverse effects or side effects of medicines.
  3. c)   She should be able to offer you good advice for your current lifestyle. She should be able to tell what you should eat and what to not.

How to find a prescribing nurse?

It is easy to find a prescribing nurse. You can ask for a prescription to any other nurse or any doctor. You can also ask in the hospitals and clinics.

How to check whether the nurse is qualified for prescribing or not?

If is important to make sure that the nurse is qualified enough to prescribe. You can check their certificates at The Nursing and Midwifery Council. To check at the council, you will need to know the full name of the nurse or a midwife or you should know the NMC PIN number of the prescribing nurse.