If you go out with a thermometer and check every single person’s body temperature, it is quite rare to get standard reading for all. Every single individual’s temperature will show different readings because it depends on the physical state of every person. Some individuals’ body temperature may come above average body temperature, and some individuals’ temperature may come below. By the way in normal conditions, human body temperature remains at 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. This called the normal body temperature, and it is true. Well, there are many unknown facts about body temperature that are famous among the medical field, but common people don’t know those facts. Below I have mentioned some of those facts.

Body temperature does not remain constant whole day:


Probably, you would have never thought about it, but human body temperature changes in every phase of the day. If your health is totally fine and there is no disease, your body temperature will remain low in the morning. This is a common medical fact about human body and in the afternoon every person’s body temperature goes up. After the afternoon again in the evening body temperature goes down. If you would have never checked it, then you should check it.

For measuring the body temperature, you should use a thermometer, which every doctor uses. All you should do is just set the thermometer below your underarms and keeps it constant for few seconds. Thus, the thermometers led will go up according to your body temperature. Thus, you can check that what your body temperature is now. To do confirm that you are fit and fine you should check your body temperature three times in a day. This is how you can assure that you are not suffering from any infection because the first symptom that any infection gives is fever.

Types of thermometer available in the market:

Science has done huge progress into the medical field, and it is not an unknown fact. Today’s doctors can cure almost disease and they can provide you medicines to live your life longer, if you are suffering from any incurable disease. Science has also offered us many medical instruments to check that we are fit or not. Similar device is Thermometer, which helps you in measuring the temperature. There two most famous types of thermometer are digital thermometer and normal led thermometer. Digital thermometers work very fast in comparison to normal glass thermometers. And doctors are using these both types’ thermometer in their practice.

Whenever you will check your temperature, always remember that the ideal temperature of the human body is 98.6, but the body temperature may go little up or down. If you will check that your temperature is very low or very high from normal body temperature, and then you should contact to the doctor. If you take risk the with your health, results may be very complicated for you. So it is advised that always checks your temperature and be conscious about facts related to normal body temperature. You can get a digital or normal thermometer and then check that you are fine or not.